Thursday, March 27, 2008

Welcome to The PGI Global Operations Portal

We would like to welcome you to the PGI Global Operations portal created, developed, and administered by Premiere Global Service's Strategic Operations team. The objective of this site is to create a social project community composed of PGI's Project team members to collaborate, share, and communicate global project information across 2008's PGI strategic initiatives.

Not only will this site help us to share project documentation, but it provides all our associates globally with the ability to contribute content, share their thoughts on project issues, while keeping up to speed with what is going on within each project using photo, audio, and video mediums. Some features you can expect on the site are as follows:

  • On Demand Audio Conference Calls for most of our Strategic Projects.
  • On Demand Videos of Onsite Meetings being conducted across our PGI Strategic Projects.
  • Pre Recorded Webinars & Video Tutorials
  • Editorial style perspectives from Project Team Members on today's project challenges.
  • File and Document sharing including Photo, and Video Sharing.

The best thing is that every project team member can contribute, and no project team member misses out on what is happening. Email us here and provide your feedback or make a comment below.

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