Monday, November 30, 2009

Video: Using Twitter Effectively for Marketing and Sales

Can Twitter really help you achieve your marketing and sales goals, or is it just a distraction? Join us to learn how leading brands are using Twitter as part of their marketing mix and to see new tools from that can help you integrate Twitter with your sales and marketing efforts.

Video: The Top 10 Critical Service Metrics You Need to Know

Some more from Dreamforce. Start this session with the top 10 service metrics you need to know, followed by real-life examples your peers are using today. Well help you cruise your way to the winners circle.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Video: Hands-On: Knockin Knowledge out of the Park

Another great session on Knowledge Management at Dreamforce 2009. Knowledge is the foundation of all support channels. In this hands-on training session, youll learn how to take advantage of all the latest Salesforce CRM knowledge base features to improve your organization from the ground up.

Video: The Next Step in Customer Care: Customer Collaboration

More Dreamforce videos. This one specifically focused on Customer Care. As leaders in their respective industries, Cisco and are pushing customer care to the next level by combining Unified Customer Contact solutions with the Service Cloud. Join this session to look at customer collaboration, the business drivers, and how social media can impact the way companies provide customer care.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Video: How Uses the Service Cloud: Reinventing Self-Service's in-house customer support organization is taking advantage of the Service Cloud to reinvent the online customer experience. The secret to the sauce—personalized, consistent, and quick access to knowledge, help, training, and community. See how you can leverage our unique model to make self-service your customers preferred support channel.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Video: Salesforce Chatter

Finally got around to post Salesforce.Com's Chatter. Facebook like Enterprise Collaboration.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Video: How to Tap into Social Media to Drive Sales Results

You can harness social intelligence natively within Salesforce CRM to increase your sales productivity and accelerate sales cycles. Learn how successful sales leaders from innovative cloud-computing companies such as SuccessFactors and IntraLinks are bringing social selling into their sales organizations to improve prospecting effectiveness and close rates - all with solutions from InsideView.

Video: Using the Service Cloud for the Enterprise

Another video from Dreamforce specific to the Service Cloud concept. Looking to improve complex and mature external call centers, internal IT help desks, customer portals, or other customer service centers? This session features tactical information on how the Service Cloud can transform your enterprise call centers and other service solutions. The Service Cloud is up and running in the enterprise, and youll hear from the folks who are making it happen!

Video: Managing Change: How to Win Friends and Influence People

A decent presentation given at Dreamforce 2009 that goes through some practices on Managing Change within an organization. Specifically when your implementing new technology, processes, and strategies within your org. The presenter sounded nervous and sounds like he has no experience implementing change himself! :-)

Video: Social CRM Tools for Salesforce.Com - Account View

Social CRM Tools is an application available for Salesforce.Com that seamlessly integrates the world of Social Media with your Accounts, Leads, Contacts, and Support Cases within Salesforce.Com. This demo shows you how to get Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter information from your Accounts. Realtime Twitter Monitoring on your accounts, Google Map integration, and more. Track what account activity is happening on the web, and much more. Download for Free at Also available on App Exchange.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Video: Welcome to Dreamforce 2009 - Day One Keynote

Part 1 of the Dreamforce 2009 Keynote. Marc Benioffs opening keynote speech kicked off the first full day of Dreamforce to thunderous applause. The excitement was palpable as he unveiled new features of Sales Cloud 2 and revealed salesforce.coms latest innovation: Chatter. For the rest of the day, the crowd was buzzing over the potential for this entirely new way to collaborate at work.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Recap of Social Media BDI Conference in New York

On Thursday November 12th, I had the opportunity to attend a great conference in New York City sponsored by the Business Development Institute on Social Media. The event had Companies like McDonalds, Jet Blue, Godiva Chocolates, AMD, and SAP present their Best Practices around Social Media in their companies. Special thanks to Jamie Haenggi of Vonage and the Marketing team for the invite. Attached are some of the highlights of the event.

Key Quotes/Mentions

  • 93% of Americans want Brands to Engage in Social Media. – Michael Chin of KickApps.Com

  • If you ask yourself what the ROI of social media is, ask yourself what the ROI is if you ignore it. – Tweet.

Jet Blue Presentation

  • On Usage of Twitter - Morgan Johnston of Jet Blue says 6 people support 1.4 million followers on Twitter for things related to Customer Support, Customer Complaints, etc.

  • On Online Support - An interesting thing he noted on Support Content is that on their website they externally link to resources/sites that will help their customers. Like a reference to Time Zones in the U.S. They opted not to recreate the content, just externally link to it. At Vonage, there is a lot of opportunity for us to do this with International Dialing and Country Codes.

  • On Social Media Tools

    1. Jet Blue utilizes CoTweet ( to track their tickets in Twitter. It is the Ticketing System for Twitter and it is FREE.

    2. They use TweetDeck ( for Listening and Monitoring Conversations.

    3. They also use Seesmic for monitoring.

McDonalds Summary

  • The McDonalds presentation was interrupted in the first 5 minutes by some anti chicken PETA Protesters who yelled "McCruelty.Com" and passed out pamphlets. This was an interesting opening as many people tweeted that McDonald's got "KanYeD!"

  • Their Twitter usage was around using the tool for Customer Satisfaction. They have about 6 – 8 staff members who monitor twitter for Customer Satisfaction issues.

  • They use Face book for all sorts of Promotional Campaigns, Contests, Idea Generation, and Events. They noted several examples of how their customers helped to suggest new food product ideas, music for their commercials, and more.

Social CRM

  • This is a big buzz word in the industry now. But not many people understand what Social Customer Relationship Management is. In a nutshell, it is the Social Media tools, processes, and technology used to manage your Customer Relationship across networks like Twitter, Facebook, Forums, etc.

  • Traditional CRM was about managing your Customer Relationships using traditional systems and methods in the Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support area. Some examples below:

    • In Sales – you were cold calling, looking at your pipeline, and calling and email till you can close a deal.

    • In Marketing, you buy lists for lead generation/conduct events, etc.

    • For Customer Support – You let your Customers Call you and You Log the Ticket.

Social CRM is all about:

  • In Sales – Listening to Social Conversations, Engaging Customers or Prospects, Adding Value to the Conversation, Warm Calling, and then making the sale.

  • In Marketing – You are Monitoring Social Conversations, Capturing and Engaging the Key Influencers of your Product while establishing relationships with them, Running Campaigns and Ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Measuring the ROI.

  • In Customer Support – You’re providing Pro Active Support by listening, engaging, and resolving in real-time across social networks.

Well that was about it. What are your thoughts?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Video: Social Media Customer Relationship Management

Social Media CRM - Connecting your sales force to the social Web from Alter Imaging, Inc. on Vimeo.

Here is another panel from the social media business forum B2B track. This session put on by Mike Schneider is about how to implement social media into your customer relationship strategy. It digs deep into the topics of data mining, social crm applications, and how it all ties back together to help further organization goals.