Thursday, July 24, 2008

Video: Computer Telephony Integration with Remedy

Here is a demonstration of Computer Telephony Integration using Syntellect Technology with BMC Remedy Software. We are currently utilizing this technology at Premiere Global Services and it is certainly helping reps to be more productive.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

50 Ways To Utilize Social Media By Objective

Here is a great article that summarizes by objective how we can utilize Social Media to Listen, Energize, Talk, and Support our Customers. Supporting Strategies are listed as follows:

Supporting: Getting your customers to self-support each other

  • Build community platforms around real communities of shared interest.

  • Help companies participate in existing social networks, and build relationships on their turf.

  • Experiment with Flickr and/or YouTube groups to build media for specific events. (Marvel Comics raised my impression of this with their Hulk statue Flickr group).

  • Start a community group on Facebook or Ning or MySpace or LinkedIn around the space where your customer does business. Example: what Jeremiah Owyang did for Hitachi Data Systems.

  • Learn what other free tools might work for community building, like MyBlogLog.

  • Remember that the people on social networks are all people, have likely been there a while, might know each other, and know that you’re new. Tread gently into new territories. Don’t NOT go. Just go gently.

  • Voting mechanisms like those used on show your customers you care about which information is useful to them.

Case Study: Social Media at Sun MicroSystems

Some more interesting slides on Social Media.

Cisco Case Study: Building a Social Community with Web 2.0

Some great data points on how Cisco utilized an Online Social Community to market their products.