Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Video: The Simple Truth of Service

This video is pretty inspirational. It is about about a grocery store bagger with Down syndrome who changed the company culture and created customer loyalty by providing service from the heart. He is called Johnny the Bagger. Remeber that great service and courtesy always comes from the heart!

Whitepaper: KPIs for Social Media (Survey Results)

Excellent insight into what over 435 executives thought about Social Media in their organization. Interesting findings like the fact that only 60% of companies reported less than 1000 followers in their social communities.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Video: Combatting Poor Customer Service

I just love this piece that CBS did. Great Service story about Comcast and an 80 year old customer going to their offices with a hammer to speak to their service reps. Also some key data around service. Highlights include:
  • Recent Comcast Incident with a customer who walked into Comcast with a hammer.
  • Industry stats on costs of agents, ivr technology, etc.
  • History of Customer Service in the Call Center.
  • Delta Airlines Service story about losing a puppy named Paco.
  • Interview with VP of Fedex Customer Service over viewing their Service Operations. They get about 700,000 calls per day.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Video: Critical Trends in Customer Service

Video: Salesforce for Outlook 2010

Nifty features using Salesforce.Com and Outlook.

RightNow MultiChannel Contact Center Report

Excellent benchmark data for those professionals managing a mulitchannel customer support operations. Highlights include:

On Knowledge Management & Web Self Service
· Most companies reported in this survey indicated that they only have 1 person who works on content.
· No more than 1 - 2 employees contribute to knowledge in their knowledge base.
· A Majority of the customers surveyed reported that they deflect less than 20% of all calls to their web self service channel.

Phone Channel
· Customers who responded to this survey indicated that their average cost per call is $6 or less.
· 70% of the customers surveyed DO NOT offshore their call center support.
· 70% of respondents to this survey state their contact center agents handle 9 or less calls per hour.
· 60% of customers reported an AHT of 4 and 9 minutes per call.

Email Channel
· Email Response Time is less than 12 hours on average for their customers.

Chat Channel
· On average less than 10% of calls into the contact center are deflected via Chat.
· A Majority of customers indicated their agents handle 1 - 3 chats at one time.

Future Predictions mentioned in this case study:
· Email Response time expectations are increasing. Customers are now demanding less than 2 hour response times.
· Chat is replacing email in High Tech industries that provide support on complex issues.