Friday, May 30, 2008

Post Project Review Survey

The Post Project Review process consists of activities performed by a project team at the end of the project’s life cycle (or at the end of significant phases of work) to gather information on what worked well and what did not, so that future projects can benefit from that learning.

Post Project Reviews are generally done at the end of any significant project or portion of a project. A project that runs longer than a year may conduct Post Phase Reviews at the each of each significant phase, for example, so that lessons are captured while they are still easily recalled. This process might be used with a project that completed some time ago, but for which the lessons were not gathered.

The project review process is the most effective mechanism for improving project management practices and actual project results. A timely, comprehensive review of project performance can reveal so much. This Project Review Survey is a complete resource for project performance feedback and analysis.

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