Wednesday, August 13, 2008

CIO's Love Video Conferencing But Don't Get Wikis

An interesting read was recently released that surveyed CIO's indicate that they love Video Conferencing, and Online Training - but they don't have any plans for Virtual Worlds and Wikis. The survey interviewed 1,400 CIOs by staffing firm Robert Half Technology. The results are as follows:

* 67 percent have no intention of using tagging software;
* 72 percent aren’t going to use blogs;
* 74 percent don’t get the wiki thing;
* And 84 percent have no plans for virtual worlds.

I am quite surprised that they don't embrace wikis since it is used today in many areas of IT for projects, tracking bugs, and updating knowledge. With the popularity of Virtual World's like Second Life which has a lot of commerce opportunity, was also another shocker.

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