Thursday, September 18, 2008

Download: Top Web 2.0 & Social Media Documents from The Web 2.0 Expo

Last week there was a Web 2.0 Expo in New York City and while I certainly was not able to attend due to it's massive $1000.00 fee, I was able to get my hands on some of the presentations included in the Conference.

The zip file contains information relevant to any industry. Whether your in Marketing, Sales, or Support - many of the items here are certainly worth the download especially if you are considering deploying a Social Strategy in your organization.

Click to Download The Zip File (80 Megabytes)
Click below for the full list of files

10 Tools for Managing a Creative Environment Presentation.pdf
A Symfony Answer Presentation.pdf
Adding “Where” to Mobile and Web Applications Presentation.pdf
Adobe – RIA Applications and the Web Presentation.ppt
Agile Development Presentation.pdf

Best-kept Secrets to Search Engine Optimization Success_ the Art and the Science Presentation.ppt
Building an App for Social Platforms Presentation.pdf
Building Next Generation Web 2_0 Applications Presentation.pdf
Building the Real-time Web Presentation.pdf
Capacity Planning for Web Operations Presentation.pdf
Checking the _Feel_ of Your UI with an Interaction Audit Presentation.ppt
Create a Social Network-It’s Easy
Creating Semantic mashups_ Bridging Web 2_0 and the Semantic Web Presentation 1.pdf
Cross-Cultural User-Experience Design Presentation.pdf
Data Portability, Privacy, and the Emergence of the Social Web Presentation.ppt
Design Learnings from Viral Applications Presentation.ppt
Design Your API_ Learnings from Twitter and Stamen Presentation.pdf
Designing Like We Give a Damn Presentation.pdf
Developing, Distributing, and Monetizing Web Applications with WebEx Connect Presentation.ppt
Do Try This at Home_ Ajax Bookmarking, Cross-site Scripting, and Other Web 2_0 Browser Hacks Presentation.pdf
Even Faster Web Sites Presentation.ppt
Failure Happens_ What Broke Since Last Year _and What We Learned from It_ Presentation.pdf
Free Traffic_ SEO_SMO 101 _Search Engine _ Social Media Optimization_ Presentation 1.ppt
Free Traffic_ SEO_SMO 101 _Search Engine _ Social Media Optimization_ Presentation 2.ppt
Games 2_0_ Why the Future of Games Looks More Like Zombies and Scrabulous and Less Like Halo 3 Presentation.ppt
Games Customers Play_ Insights from Online Gaming for Enterprise 2_0 Presentation.pdf
Global Design Trends Presentation.pdf
Google App Engine_ Making it Easier For Developers to Build and Scale Apps Presentation.pdf
How to Create Successful Unconferences, BarCamps, _ Meetups for Almost No $$ Presentation.ppt
IBM_ Web 2_0 Goes to Work Presentation.ppt
Implementing an OpenSocial Container Presentation.ppt
Launch Pad Presentation.pdf
Living with the Internet_ Experiencing the Digital Revolution from a Latino Perspective Paper.pdf
Mashing Up_ Taking Enterprise Mashups to the Next Level Presentation.ppt
Maximizing Ad Revenue Through Format Optimization Presentation.pdf
Maximizing Conversions and Overall Campaign ROI Presentation.ppt
Social Data_ Collecting, Mining, and Using it in Your Applications Presentation 2.pdf
Social Data_ Collecting, Mining, and Using it in Your Applications Presentation.ppt
Starting Up_ Strategies for Financing _ Growing Your Web 2_0 Startup Presentation.pdf
Web 2_0 and the Breathing Enterprise Presentation.ppt
Web 2_0 in a Virtualized World_ Building an Architecture for Growth Presentation.ppt

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