Thursday, October 2, 2008

How Can Your Business Utilize Google Moderator?

Recently Google unveiled Moderator. Moderator is a tool that allows you to crowd source questions and suggestions and review them in a presentable format. The system even allows people to vote on the suggested questions in the event they want to ask the same one, creating a ranking system that presents the more relevant questions at the top.

So how would we in the Service & IT Business world utilize this? Well, in this summary I will spend some time on that topic providing examples of how you can possibly use it for the following areas of your business:

- Web, Video, & Audio Conferencing
- Project Management
- Product Management

How Does It Work?

Upon logging in you create a Series which would be a series of questions or comments based on a specific topic. You can then share the Series publicly or privately to designated individuals so you can share and see the results. To take a look at some examples of what people would ask World Leaders, click here.

Web & Audio Conferencing

Let’s say your running a large Web, Video, or Audio conference call and the time has arrived for participant's to ask questions. With Google Moderator, you can allow participants to suggest or ask questions during the call in advance using it's interface, and the Moderator engine will automatically tally up the most frequently requested or asked questions. The application presents them in an intuitive way to the either a Live Moderator or to the person who is responsible for asking the questions. You can see examples of this on the Google Moderator Homepage.

Project Management

Whether your running a small or large project, Google Moderator can help you to get anonymous feedback or direct questions from your project team. Specifically where your project teams are global, this tool would allow your project teams to submit questions, and comments relative to your project and enable you to better understand what stakeholders are thinking globally. If another stakeholder votes or agrees with the comment, suggestion, or question you can better prioritize and understand the impact of the comment based on its Series rating system. This is a great way to get ahead of addressing the issues before they come up on Conference Call.

Product Management

Are you interested in what your customers have to say about your products? Perhaps your organization may want to hear what suggestions or enhancements that can be made to products to improve them. This would be an ideal tool to utilize to help rank your most requested enhancements from your customers and recieve feedback. Start your own Series now and stay in tune with your customer base.

So there are my 3 possible applications for using Google Moderator. What other possible business applications do you think can be utilize? Let us know.

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