Sunday, November 30, 2008

Top 10 Sites Your IT Department Will Visit on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is tomorrow on December 1st, 2008. Last year, consumers spent $733 million on Cyber Monday, and it's expected to be even bigger this year. Traditionally, this was the day where everyone at work used the companies broadband internet access to get the latest deals online. However, this year retailers are offering up their deals 1 day earlier and it is likely attributed to the fact that nearly 65% of all households in the U.S now have high speed internet access.

Whether you oversee an IT department, or a Customer Service organization - you can bet that some of the sites below will appear on the employee surf reports. IT Departments may get an increase in Internet related tickets to the Service Desk, while Customer Service Organizations are likely going to experience lower call volumes in the non retail sectors, and significant spikes in the Retail Sector. Attached below are some of the Top 10 Sites your IT Department is likely going to visit to get the latest and greatest deals on new gadgets, accessories, and more.

1) PriceSpider.Com - Compare Prices from all retailers to find the lowest price.

2) GottaDeal.Com - Known for leaking deals before they are offered. A great resource for deals, and they host a great forum where you can discuss deals with others.

3) CyberMonday.Com - A site run by Shop.Org that will post updates every hour on the hour during Cyber Monday.

4) PriceProtector.Com - This site will alert you if the price goes down on a product after it's Cyber Monday debut. Great for keeping tabs on a product that you dont want to spend the cash on now, but could see yourself

5) PriceGrabber.Com- Another great site for comparing prices.

6) Best Buy - They went live with its Cyber Monday sale today. Best Buy's site Cyber Monday deals can be found here.

7) Dell Computer Cyber Monday deals are published here.

8) Circuit City got a jumpstart on Cyber Monday 2008, starting its sale today. This link will take you to the Circuit City site and its Cyber Monday deals.

9) NewEgg.Com - A great site for techies with excellent deals on laptops and gadgets.

10) TigerDirect.Com - Another excellent source of gadgets and technology. No deals have been announced yet, but tommorow you can expect them to have many.

Other Notable Mentions:

Walmart.Com - iPod Shuffles as Low as $60.00 and some more great deals here.
Sears - I4U announced Cyber Monday deals from Sears here.

Other Deal Aggregator Sites: (
Black Friday 2008 (
Ben's Bargains (
Dealnews (
FreshBargains ( (
Techbargains ( ( (

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