Monday, June 15, 2009

On Demand CRM Cost Calculator

Looking to invest some money on a new CRM tool but investing in an On Premise version of Siebel/Oracle out of the question? Check out this cost calculator tool. This calculator compares costs of Zoho CRM Professional Edition, SugarCRM Professional Edition, Salesboom Professional Edition, Entellium, Salesforce Professional Edition, and Oracle CRM OnDemand.

Just plug in the number of users across each of the other solutions and you will see the cost comparison automatically populate. This was taken from Zoho CRM's website. While Zoho appears to be one of the cheaper solutions, I encourage you not to only utilize price as the only factor in your decision.

Full Spreadsheet View.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Zoho...who are they? Will they be around tomorrow if there are problems? Just because they cost the least doesn't mean its a viable solution. I would seriously look at what business problem your trying to accomplish and the ROI. Cost should only be one of the decision making criterias.