Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How To Use Social Media in Your Enterprise Business

Here is an excellent article outlining ways that you can utilize Social Media for your Enterprise Business. While companies like Jet Blue have been successful there are several Business to Business companies that do not believe there is value in pursuing Social Media Marketing strategies. Here is a 4 step guide written by Ben Parr of Mashable.Com that describes a great way to accomplish such a goal.

The steps outlined in the article are:

1. Build a reputation of expertise - Through the use of portraying that expertise using blog updates to your website.

2. Research your customers - Using Twitter and other tools you can research who is talking about you or your product.

3. Ramp up your networking - Using Social Networks for Winning Your Next Deal!

4. Learn from others - All about how your business can learn from the various other sources of information in the Socialphere!

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