Wednesday, November 3, 2010

RightNow MultiChannel Contact Center Report

Excellent benchmark data for those professionals managing a mulitchannel customer support operations. Highlights include:

On Knowledge Management & Web Self Service
· Most companies reported in this survey indicated that they only have 1 person who works on content.
· No more than 1 - 2 employees contribute to knowledge in their knowledge base.
· A Majority of the customers surveyed reported that they deflect less than 20% of all calls to their web self service channel.

Phone Channel
· Customers who responded to this survey indicated that their average cost per call is $6 or less.
· 70% of the customers surveyed DO NOT offshore their call center support.
· 70% of respondents to this survey state their contact center agents handle 9 or less calls per hour.
· 60% of customers reported an AHT of 4 and 9 minutes per call.

Email Channel
· Email Response Time is less than 12 hours on average for their customers.

Chat Channel
· On average less than 10% of calls into the contact center are deflected via Chat.
· A Majority of customers indicated their agents handle 1 - 3 chats at one time.

Future Predictions mentioned in this case study:
· Email Response time expectations are increasing. Customers are now demanding less than 2 hour response times.
· Chat is replacing email in High Tech industries that provide support on complex issues.

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