Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Poll Everywhere - SMS Interactive Polling with Realtime Results

So I stumbled across a great Web 2.0 Tool called PollAnywhere which enables you to ask Live Audience's questions during a conference call or presentation and view the results in realtime. The polling is done with SMS Text Messaging technology giving nearly everyone with a cell phone the ability to vote in realtime. Once the text messages are processed you can immediately display the results in either your Power Point presentation, Your Web Site, or any where Online.

So how can one use this in business aside from a Live Presentation? There are several applications that apply here in which I will review in this post along with attaching some video tutorials that show you how to use the service. Here are my top recommendations for using this in a business environment:
  • Customer Service - Providing a pre recorded message on your IVR before or after a call has been taken so that customers have the opportunity to rate their Service experience with your company. Your Service Executives can then see the results in realtime.
  • Product Management - Give your customers the ability to rate their product experience. Whether your an On Demand Solutions Provider of Software, Mobile Applications, or Hardware, you can get a good understanding on how well your products are being percieved.
  • IT Service Management - Upon the closure of a ticket, give internal end users the opportunity to rate their experience through text messaging and present that information to your CTO.
  • Mobile Social Networks - Soliciting Feedback via Twitter to your Professional or Personal Social Networks.
  • Realtime Presentations - Polling your Project Team or Presentation Audience in Realtime.
  • Project Collaboration - Conducting a Project Team Poll before or After a Conference call to your Road Warrior Sales force teams.
Introduction to PollEveryWhere.Com

How To Embed Results Into PowerPoint

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