Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Video: SocialCRMTools - FaceBook and Salesforce.Com Integration (Faceforce)

Do you want to get more social with your existing and new customers? Traditional CRM is all about traditional data like Name, Email, Address, etc. Today's prospects and customers are having conversations on Facebook, Twitter and Social CRM Tools is here to help.

This is a demo of an application called Faceforce.Com that was written by Clara Shih. It demonstrates the ability to integrate your contacts in your Saleforce.Com system with their Facebook information. This is ideal to keep track of your customers business and personal interactions.

This set of features will be included in an application called SocialCRM Tools.

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Unknown said...

John, thank you for the post! One small correction: the application is now called Faceconnector (to help make it clear that it is not affiliated with or supported by

The URL is, not It is freely downloadable from's AppExchange marketplace.