Thursday, July 16, 2009

Best Buy Utilizes Twitter For Sales & Support. Why Should You Care?

A recent article published this past week revealed that Best Buy is placing their bets on their Service and Sales Strategy on Twitter! According to the article, it states:

Best Buy Co., the world’s largest electronics retailer, is building a customer-service team that will use Twitter Inc. to answer questions about products to help increase sales.

Starting July 19, Best Buy’s “Twelpforce” will search Twitter posts to find people seeking information about flat- panel televisions and other electronics, Chief Marketing Officer Barry Judge said in a telephone interview today. More than 500 employees at stores and at the company’s Richfield, Minnesota headquarters are signed up to participate, he said.

“The old paradigm is you open your doors and hope someone comes in,” Judge said. “In the new world, you can go out and find people that are talking about technology and what they’re interested in buying, and be generous with your knowledge. And hopefully if you’re generous and knowledgeable, people will come and buy.”

So why should you care? As Consumer, you maybe missing
out on some of the best realtime support on the product you just purchased at Best Buy. Or better yet, you maybe missing out on a Downloadable Coupon that offers a 15% Discount on your favorite item.

If your running a business, you should care even more! Businesses that fail to leverage Twitter for Support, Marketing, and Sales are missing out on Free Publicity, Free Marketing, and Sales. With the right strategy, your company can increase sales through entirely new Sales Channel while also providing a higher quality of Service and Support for your existing Gen X, and Gen Y Customers!

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