Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Download: 6 Steps to Creating a Social Media Roadmap for Business

2009 was a phenomenal year for social media, with Facebook, Twitter and Youtube becoming part and parcel of everyday life. Twitter alone grew 1,382% year-over-year in February, registering a total of just more than 7 million unique visitors in the US for the month. Meanwhile, Facebook continued to outpace MySpace. LinkedIn finally announced it's demographics and reported that 49% of its network are decision makers, and 53% of it's network make 100k+ per year.

So what what can your company or it's customers do to make Social Media work in business? Attached is the Service Push Social Media Framework that enables your company, it's customers, and your peers to rapidly deploy a Social Media Roadmap for Business in just 6 steps!! Following this framework enables your organization or it's customers to do the following:

  • Assess what Return On Investment you will get by investing in Social Media for your business.

  • Determine what Tools & Processes your Organization Needs To Succeed.

  • Create a 3 Year Road map for your company to follow in the areas of Social Media Strategy for your business.

Learn more about how Service Push can help your company to grow it's business. Enjoy the complimentary framework!!


John M. Perez

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