Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2009 Global Consumer Channel Preferences (Whitepaper By Accenture)

This is probably one of the best Services and Customer reads I have reviewed this year and I think it certainly worth reading when you have a chance. Accenture surveyed global consumers on Customer Experience and Consumer Satisfaction. There are some interesting data points in the study. There is also a lot of Online insight.

Here are the highlights:
  • 68% of consumers cancelled/switched to another product due to Customer Service Reasons. The study illustrates that the online experience is just as important as the Phone experience.
When You Seek Customer Service, how do you go about getting assistance?
In 2009, here were the results (multiple mentions):
  • 85% prefer calling for assistance.
  • 65% prefer sending email
  • 46% of respondents indicated they search the internet for information.
  • 42% utilize a company's website
  • 20% prefer Online Chat.
  • 10% rely on Blogs and social Networks.
Regarding Consumers Posting Negative Comments Online:

Globally, 25% of all consumers will post negative comments online about a bad brand or service experience online. This trend is up and they point out in the survey that Brazil and China are more likely to do this than other countries. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL SURVEY.

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